Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Meet the models!

Thought id share with you a little post about our launch models for www.hollysrack.com launching 11th of june!


20, works as an SEO exec (posh huh), wears fake tan and has a phobia of biting metal!


20, studying architecture at uni, animal rights activist and keen crocheter.  


17, my brother and after he made me pay him in clothes for his time, will probably never feature in Hollys Rack again!


18, hopeful teacher, who juggles two jobs and college and will probably kill me for this picture! 


16, horse enthusiast and currently at agricultural college. Molly and i share the same birthday! MAD huh


20, ranked the 3rd best badminton player in the UK! Enjoys the sunbeds and getting his eyebrows waxed


21, the boyfriend of Georgina, one of our other models,and has lots of spare time at the mo as he is currently inbetween jobs

oops how did this get in here!?...

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