Friday, 10 February 2012


Ive lead you all on for days even weeks for some photos of my new crib... and as I go to upload them.... I DELETE THEM arghhhhh so unless theres some mad computer guy out there that can help me, i only now have two of possibly the worst of the worst photographs!! ... and yes i did look in the recycle bin...

So WALLA a picture of the outside and a picture of the sink....

I promise I will upload some half decent photos once I get the keys to my kingdom ... and how i can transform this little room into a tardis yeyyyy


1 comment:

  1. Hi Holly,

    Was just reading through your blog and saw that you lost all your pictures.

    This software helps recover it as even if you delete the data it's still kept on but in a compressed format. it's free too.

    If you need any help tweet me at @Furnishlondon

    Hope it works for you